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Andrew J. ( Founder/ CEO )

Andrew has been studying and applying many principles over the last 9 years and learning from personal experiences as well as learning from top mentors in the industry. 

He has been a Coach over the last 8 years, travelling around the world speaking in front of 100's to 1000's Transforming the mindset of how both men and women think. He has really taken a strong interest in assisting both friends and clients with their dating, relationships and professional development.


Over the last 3 years, not only has his clients reached great levels of success in their dating and relationship experiences, but several have gone from dating to now happily married.


Andrew believes in having an all-rounded, genuine approach when coaching his students. His focus is not based on PUA methods that don't seem authentic and genuine, instead steered in the direction of developing men being the best versions of themselves, attracting women in a much more natural way.

He looks forward to taking many more clients on the same journey from developing their social skills to taking their dating lives to a whole new level and experiencing the ultimate, fulfilling relationship!


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Paddy has years of infield experience with both strong inner and outer game. He coaches our clients during both day and night sessions in Melbourne, taking our clients around all the hot spots and helping them gain full Confidence in various situations.

He will help you understand the social dynamics of working your social proof skills within bars and clubs, so that you know how to create high value in the social night club environment


Clients have had such mind blowing experiences with Paddy, walking away with the confidence and skill set of knowing how to improve their social night game whilst exploring some popular venues in Melbourne.


For privacy reasons this coach won't be named online. However, he's one of the most advanced Dating & Relationship Coaches here in Melbourne. He coaches much of the strategies, principles and applications of Inner & Outer game that give us the success we have today.

He coaches clients on a weekly basis during via video coaching calls, helping them gain in-depth insights into their personal situations and building up successful dates and much more.

Anonymous Coach

You will have the opportunity to work side by side with our Coach, developing your infield approaches in any given situation and fast track your success with an abundance of dates and developing strong social skills.