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The 'Art of Great Text Game' is for you if you are ;

Always getting flaked on or ghosted by women prior setting dates

Using bad pickup lines that seriously do not work

Texting women and getting the 'Lets just be friends' response

Being left on 'Seen', leaving you being the one who chases

Wanting to have a clearer understanding of Text Game so you can start multiplying your dating life.

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Learn how to develop instant attraction through a simple text message and multiply your dates.

Whether this would be a girl you matched with on a dating app or on your night out and got her number, our guide will advance your skill set 

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12/9/2020, VIC Australia

I've bought a few guides online previously but this one is really in depth and is true to what they state 'knowing what to say vs understanding what to say'. I've developed a deeper understanding of what to type and so far I feel my responses with girls has improved when bantering and building comfort. Still getting my head around it all as I am learning from my mistakes and I've already recommended this guide to a friend.


28/8/2020, VIC Australia

The Art of Great Text Game is a comprehensive guide to seducing women through playful banter and building a man-woman experience online. All you need is funny, witty and flowing narratives to capture the chick's attention. Finally, the text game will move you into an actual date. Thanks fellas!


25/7/2020, NSW Australia

It was insightful to read and I have started to apply the key principles already. It's definitely a different way of thinking but makes sense as girls respond to the complete opposite of what most guys message them. One of the parts that I found interesting is the part where we talk in terms of stories as opposed to speaking logically with them. Thanks once again and I definitely recommend the guide. 

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