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1on1 Workshops

8 Week Program * Waiting list  *

Develop your confidence with your social approaches and interactions during the day with attractive women. We take you out to all of our selected hot spot locations in Melbourne 1 on 1.  

Master the skills from conversations to instant dates with our 1 on 1 coaching. 

We offer 4 to 8 week custom programs.

Online Dating & Texting

5 Week Program ( Available )

For those wanting to multiply your dates through the world of online dating, we have designed a specific 5 week program that will help you understand everything there is with setting up your profile correctly to mastering the art of great text game.

This includes a professional photo shoot and an optional styling session. 

Relationship Coaching

2 Hour Coaching Calls

Needing instant expert advice on your current relationship or situation, a coaching call with one of our expert coaches is the best option.

We have helped 100's of men around Australia understand how to get back on top of their relationships and even helped guys recovery from a messy break-up, regaining their confidence. 

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Great service so far (I am currently on the 12 week program as of writing this). Andrew has been able to go deep analysis into things and see where I need to improve. Andrew will watch how you interact, your daily routines and the general vibe you give off and is able to help see things that I would have not been able to pick up on myself. Andrew has also gone above expectations and has provided help even when not out in the field coaching 1 on 1.




Hands down the best and only program you’ll ever need! ... The support I’ve received from Andrew and the Team during the 8 Week program has been nothing but awesome. I went from someone who lacked Confidence, both socially and professionally, to someone who now walks with their chest out and shoulders back in their everyday life. I’m the most confident I’ve ever been, and am building the most amazing connections with people. I can say without a doubt that this 8 Week Program has changed my life for the better.




The program is designed to keep track of your progress and make sure you develop your skills and your confidence. There are also theoretical tips and practical experiences so you can see how what you can do and how you can do it, which is quite important because many times we don't understand until we see it.

Therefore I highly recommend Andrew for this coaching, it does not matter if you are already an "experienced guy", have a partner, single, divorced, or whatever you like, there are many things to learn. Then go for it! All the best!

Enjoy the experience!




Andrew has been an amazing coach who has helped me overcome my heart break and re-connected me back to my manhood. His high level skills and expertise has helped me reach new levels in all areas of my life. I’m now a much more confident individual due to his coaching and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is wanting to improve their quality of life.




Thanks Andrew for the course. It was not only fun but also made me aware of my relationship's blind spot. Being aware of what I have done wrong in my past relationships will allow me to improve, shape my future and create a lifetime of adventure with my girlfriend. **( Now Wife )

PS: I will try my best to be a dominant male and a leader.

The News & Herald Sun 9/11/2019

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