Episode 4 : First Impressions! 1 Simple Tip

Whats up SQUAD!!! Andrew from Core Confidence Coaching here in Melbourne !

Today again I have my awesome and VERY Attractive friend Dani, to share with you her insights from a Females perspective on HOW to make the FIRST IMPRESSIONS Count ! No Tricks or Techniques.. None of that !

Just simply put a smile on her Face :)

Before you guys get a DIRTY mind and begin to think 'I know EXACTLY how to put a smile on her Face' ... Let's start from something as SIMPLE as making her laugh!

Now I am not saying you need to be a comedian or go to Comedy school. Just engage in an interesting conversation with humor and banter.

Avoid topics of Politics, Religious views, Work and other very plutonic topics. MY Tip would be to speak about travel experience from previous years and share something funny, or a fun adventure you and your friends had which may have had a fun twist to it!

Watch the full 4 minute video to see what Dani has to say!

See you guys all very soon in Episode 5.

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