Success isn't just the about the MONEY

Over my journey of 7 years as a self-employed Entrepreneur travelling the world, I learn a lot from the people I meet and the experiences whilst working with other like-minded individuals. Ricky Chisholm, from Ireland has built great success over the course of the last 2 years in partnership with me, and I have seen massive growth from him ( Mentally ) He has built an online business which generates him a solid part-time income which is growing exponentially as he has the vision to create Time-freedom for himself to travel more and live in different countries within the next 9 to 12 months ahead, but the REAL REWARD that I see in working with people such as Ricky, is the personal development. "To make a million, don't make it for the million but for what it will make of you to become a millionaire." - Jim Rohn

Hear what Ricky would like to share with you guys.

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