Interviewing Elite Athlete Roger Grant

Roger Grant shares his knowledge on Nutritional Supplements, Fitness and Mindset - being an Elite Athlete fighting over 40 fights and 2 being International, Former Vic Champion, Silver Medalist at the 2013 Aus Title and Qld Golden Glove Winner

We are proud to be in partnership with Roger Grant who is an Elite leveled Boxer in Australia.

In 2015 I was introduced to Roger Grant, as he trains and fights at an intense level within Australia and puts his body through intense pressure and heat.

He came to me in regards to partnering with a Nutritional line that he can trust and can

'put their money where their mouth is'

when it comes to purity of the product, ingredients and he can rest assured whenever he gets tested for any banned substances by WADA.

The company I am partnered with, has a 1 Million Dollar Athlete guarantee, which states that if any of our 3000+ Olympic and Elite leveled Athletes, are tested for drugs and found with a banned substance linked to our products, we will pay them out 1 Million $USD or their last years prize money. Our company is the only one that has such a guarantee and Roger did not hesitate to jump on board.

As an Elite Athlete, he tracks his diet, food intake every day and keeps records of it over days, weeks, months and years - to know what may cause his performance to peak or slow down. I found this to be very inspiring as he knows exactly whats going into his body. He even told me that if I want to know what he ate for breakfast 4 years ago on January the 10th, he could tell me exactly what he ate.

Being with us for over 2 years now, within his first month of using our supplementation, he noticed a dramatic increase in energy and his immune system went up, but most importantly he started knocking off seconds from his track sprints every week.

A lot of people question if they receive all their nutrients from their diet, and the honest answer is you don't ( given today's society of how most foods are processed these days )

If you are not getting the right amount of nutrients in you body per day, you are not fueling yourself effectively enough. Just like how there is different grade of petrol or gas you can put into your sports car, if you put in the cheapest substitute of fuel inside your expensive sports car, you'll notice the performance isn't reaching it's optimal level - but little will you know, if you keep repeating this over time, slowly your expensive sports car will break down and cause serious issues COSTING YOU MORE IN THE LONG RUN.

Roger has since introduced the product line to an Olympic leveled Athlete who fought in the Rio Olympic games back in August 2016 - Jason Whately.

Jason had noticeably positive improvements in his health and performance within 3 to 4 weeks, however we will save Jason's story for another BLOG in the near future !

If you'd like a FREE Consultation to start using the same Nutritional program both Roger and Jason have been placed on, feel free to contact me and I will further assist you.

If you'd like to see more videos featuring Roger Grant - Please comment below and let me know what you'd like to see in our next video and we will consider it for our VLOG series.

To Book in a session with Roger our Elite Athlete. Go to his Facebook page FIT2BOX

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