The Employee VS Boss Mindset

When I began my entrepreneurial journey back in 2010, the most difficult challenge I faced was shifting my mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur ( Mindset )

Here are my TOP 5 Key points, that differentiate an Employee VS Boss ( Mindset )

1. Employees think short term; when is my next pay cheque, I can't wait until the weekend

Boss thinks long term; the next 5 to 10, even until 20 years!

2. Employees are use to quitting. When times get tough, let's quite and find something else

Bosses when faced with challenge, take on that the challenges and grow from the experiences to reach higher ground.

3. Employees trade time for money and have an hourly rate

Bosses leverage time, money and a team, to create more money.

4. Employees stay within their comfort zone and follow instructions daily

Bosses expand outside their comfort zone daily and must take risks to grow

5. Employees have boundaries and limitations of what they can do in their roles

Bosses must innovate, keep up with the growing trends and make big decisions for the greater good of their company.

I hope these top 5 key points could help you in a way to really stretch your mindset and capabilities as an entrepreneur.

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