Episode 13 : Social Media = Increased Attraction

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

If you don't have any forms of Social Media, you are living in the past!!

Most people these days have some form of Social Media Presence, and mostly they are females.

What we can do is use this to our advantage and Increase our Social Proof and Sexual Market Value by the following asking ourselves the following

  • The quality of the photos and different types of photos I am using

  • The Activitise and hobbies I am doing in my social life

  • The Social groups I am hanging out with

  • The types of clothes I am wearing

Then ask yourself this simple questions...

Is this photo or video lowering my value and increasing my value..?

A lot of time we hold onto photos and videos because we have an emotional attachement to them, but if it is simply displaying a Low Value Status on you, then remove it.

An Example of this can be, you had an amazing night at your birthday with the boys and it was a night to remember! You got so drunk that you passed out and your friends decided to draw on your face while you were passed out, maybe even Tee bagged your face and took a photo of this.

You felt it was such a memorable night that you want to keep it up on Social Media, as it has sentimental value to you but is actually lowering your value to girls who add you to Instagram when you exchange details.

Have Variety! Have Fun! Be Outgoing!

I can guarentee that if you made a really good impression with a girl whom you just met and you had her add you to instagram, there is an 80% chance that she's going to go through your profile very quickly and make a judgement call based on what she sees.

Sadly, this is the world we live in... However can we use this to our advantage?

Display your fun side! How adventurous are you.. ?

If you have 10 to 20 photos and someone was to look at them with a quick 5 second glance, what would they be thinking... Is this guy boring, fun to be around, to much of a party animal, playboy, too much of a kid..

The Image above is an example of mine to demonstrait fun, adventure and great social peers I have.

I do have a very good Instagram and when I meet girls in bars, clubs and on the streets, I will always exchange Instagrams and we connect through the messenger there.

You can check out my profile as an example

Lastly If you would like a FREE analysis of your Social Media Profile, we do offer Coaching Call where we can go through your profile and help you understand what's GOOD and what's BAD. To request this, simply email us at coreconfidencecoaching@gmail.com

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