Episode 14 : Talking to Women in Bars

Nearing the end of 2019, November and December are one of the busiest times of the year for Core Confidence Coaching.

We are finishing up the 8 Weeks Program with most of our Clients and had such a productive Weekend in our Infield Night Sessions.

Speaking to ladies in a Social Bar may seem extremely frightening, but it's actually very simple, whether you go in Indirect or Direct.

Developing the Skill set of speaking with a complete stranger and holding a solid conversation **WITHOUT** being Creepy or Wierd. Most of the time, the Women in the bars compliment and appreciate the Men for having the Balls to come talk to them ( Man to Women )

In Most cases, Women are actually wanting a Great Attractive man to come up to her and get to know what shes all about, at the same time build attraction.

For most cases, guys in general don't understand much about Attraction and simply walk up to a Women and say "Hey, Let me buy you a drink."


If you struggle like most guys on how to have a solid and magnetic interaction with a women, anytime or anywhere.

Going to your friends for advice probably wouldn't be the best option, as they'll most likely cock-block you and ruin your chances when they see you succeeding with an attractive women.

My suggestion is to have an Experienced Coach or Friend ( Who knows exactly what they are doing), especially for Beginners and go to Social Bars and Venues where you can meet attractive women and develop relationships.

A Session in the Daytime is completely different to a session in the evening. The Dynamics are different and the way that you approach is slightly different as well.

Well Done to all the guys doing their 8 Week Program at the moment and developing results!

This weekend was a whole lot of fun and extremely valuable with learning curves!

There are a lot of things to learn from speaking with women who are sometimes at the bar or on the way to one. When it comes to a group of ladies who are out to have fun, you've really got to know how to engage a proper interaction that goes beyond platonic and just friendly. Most ladies at a Bar are usually single and expecting guys to hit on them, however you've got to know the ways of being different and standing out ( without being the NICE GUY )

A few Tips and Pointers that I can suggest.

Ratio is important when doing a Cold Social Approach.

1:1 or 1:2 ( 1 Guy per every 1 to 2 Ladies ) When Approaching.

It would come of way to forward and full-on if it's the other way around, with a group of guys doing a Cold Social Approach to 1 girl.

My Second Tip is, Stand Tall and maintain good Eye Contact when speaking to Women at Bars.

There is Nothing better to display great confidence than giving Great Eye Contact and showing to her that you are confident in yourself.

I look forward to hearing all of your success stories with those who are really pushing themselves to become natural when in a situation in a social environment or at a bar.

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