Episode 18 : How to Tackle your Approach Anxiety

Approach Anxiety or Social Anxiety is common in almost everyone!

We have these Limiting Beliefs in our head that stop us from progressing in our Social and Dating Life, which we became so strongly conditioned with during our earlier teenage years growing up and trying to fit into society.

These came from social circles, family, movies, Tv shows and other forms of media such as music, to make us believe that it's NOT Socially Acceptable to talk to random Women on the street, tram stops, train stations, clubs and bars.

We have been holding back for so many years on feeling JUDGED by others, that we tend to play it safe and just stare at a hot girl when we see one, and not say anything at all.

Believe it or not, attractive girls are actually open towards guys randomly talking to them in a proper and appropriate manner.

In this Video, I will share with you my 3 Simple Techniques on Tackling the Approach Anxiety for GOOD!!!

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