Episode 19 : Public Rejections ( Valentines Day Edition )

Less than 1 week away from Valentines Day 2020, we hit the streets of Melbourne to give every girl we meet a Rose.

We expected some interesting reactions and rejections to come with this fun publicity stunt.

Need I say more, but JUST WATCH THE VIDEO and Enjoy !

If you would like to see my FULL Un-cut version of a very solid, interaction Cold approach, the video is available in my Facebook Community group >> Core Confidence Community

If you are Single this Valentines Day and you would like to participate in our local Melbourne Events, Please check out Melbourne Social Singles Events , register for February 14th and come say Hi.

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If you have any other cool suggestions on Videos we can make in the future, We are open to them!! We like doing crazy, fun stuff to demonstrate how simple and easy it can be to strike up random conversations on the street.

We look forward to your email : Core Confidence Coaching

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