Episode 10 : Your Guide to the Perfect Date

Put a STOP spending $100's on your dates with Women when you don't even know them apart from just finding them sexually attractive !

Stop wasting time and emotions on investing into your dates which can go for 3 to 4 hours only to get ghosted afterwards, find that the woman is not interested and you struggle to get the 2nd Date, scratching your head wondering what happened.

Stop getting advice from friends who most likely got lucky with their success on dates, but what you try and replicate doesn't quite work.

In our video, I break down 3 Key factors that will put you on the right track for your NEXT Date and you'll begin to see the results you were looking for, rather than putting in the guess work.

Make sure you DOWNLOAD the E-book that we created for you, to ensure your success rates begin to increase and you start being the Man that you were meant to be.

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