Episode 12 : Styling Session = Sex Appeal

Recently a lot of our newest 6 Week Total Transformation Clients are about to Finish up and just completed their 5th Week. Week 5 is their Styling Session where we take them out shopping and Increase their Sex Appeal by putting together a completely NEW and IMPROVED look.

You could look like Brad Pitt, but if you are rocking the Fashion Sense to bring out your true Masculine and Attraction Flairs, then you are letting a lot of opportunity go to waste.

The same goes for Women. I have noticed that when I take clients out for their Night sessions, they always wonder WHY there are so many more HOT ladies out and about compared to the day time. The TRUTH IS... All these HOT Ladies were out during the daytime, but most likely weren't dressed up all sexy and glam. They won't get noticed as MUCH !

...Come night time, the same ladies that were just wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, are now wearing slim fitting dresses that show off their legs, and they have their hair done and make-up done! All of the sudden my clients hesitate and can't approach these exact same ladies because they have placed on a MASSIVE pedestal. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS, they are dressed to impress.

Now what if we turned that around as MEN. It can make THE BIGGEST Difference. Having good style and a solid fashion sense doesn't account for ALL Attraction, however it takes up a big percentage in your Attractiveness towards the opposite sex.

Nick, in the photo on the left.

We show you how he dresses normally day to day, and looking good when he goes out on a date or a night out.

We took him out for a Styling session and within 1 hour, he was steaming SEX APPEAL!

Javier ( on the right ),

is another client of Core Confidence Coaching.

We took him out for his styling session this weekend, and got him looking sharp and crisp for his future dates!

At first we find that our clients feel slightly uncomfortable with trying on new styles, especially when they have been use to wearing just jeans and a plain T-shirt for most of their adulthood life. After a while it will grow on them and have a higher standard of Dress sense.

If you are looking to have your Styling Session done purely on it's own, we can arrange that for you. Simple Click HERE and book in your 2 Hour Session with myself, and let's make your Sex Appeal come out this Weekend.!

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