Episode 16 : 3 Simple Life Hacks to Increase Your Attraction

So many guys are caught up in wanting to know 'How do I get the girl'...

" Andrew, TELL ME THE SECRET ON HOW DO I GET THIS ONE GIRL. if you can help me get her, I will be the happiest man on earth and my life will be complete..? "

Does this sound familiar?

I see so many guys who are focused on JUST getting on Dates, and having that Relationship STATUS, but then they are NEVER really happy with themselves deep down inside.

The Problem is, that are focused on all these external factors of knowing what to say and how to look, but they forget to focus on the Internal factors ( Mindset, Personal Goals & Direction in Life )

The foundation that most guys originally are standing on is Fragile and they fall through the very thin emotional flooring that's been waiting to break for so many years.

My point is, don't make your WHOLE Life focus and priority on JUST getting dates with girls and getting a girlfriend! To eventually really attract High Quality Women into your life, you must really bring out your core Masculine drive in life which is what women are looking for.

Check out my latest Video below to really make the difference as of Today.

Video : Andrew J Gung, Core Confidence Coaching

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