Episode 20 : Our Public Response during Covid-19

Hope you are all well and safe!

These are tough, challenging times for us all however this is the BEST time to be working on ourselves mentally and physically still !

In this VLOG, You'll see my latest publicity stunt of me Fighting Back against these Toilet Paper Hoarders that went through a stupid panic buy, and trust me.. there is relevance to your Social and Dating life in this ;)

In early March 2020, before the Social distancing measures and restrictions came into place, I decided to do another publicity stunt and give back to local Melburnians by giving out FREE Toilet Paper. I really feel this should be a mindset that we can all adapt.

From a social point of view, if you have the mindset of Giving ( How can I give a positive experience to this person with nothing to expect back ) our Approach Anxiety is almost non-existant.

As Funny as this may seem, you can see in my video the happy reactions we recieved and having myself approach several different types of people in around Melbourne city.

During this restrictive time for us all, it's actualy a good thing for several reasons.

1. People are going to come out of this appreciating human interaction

a lot more than before

2. People are going to be more open to having conversations with complete strangers

3. As soon as the restrictions get lifted, HEAPS of people will be out which I would encourage all my clients to be out doing Social approaches.

If you would like to be apart of my Group Publicity Stunt we are going to do once this

Covid-19 lockdowns are lifted, please send me a message at


Enjoy my latest Video and I look forward to seeing you on my Next [LIVE] Webinar.

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