Episode 5 : Consistency BRINGS Results

Consistency + Accountability is the KEY to SUCCESSFUL Results 🔥🔥🔥 Core Confidence's Fitness Coach : Jam Acero

Core Confidence comes from a combination of Inner and Outer Development. When you LOOK good, FEEL good, you DO good

In this Video, we are featuring Core Confidence Coaching's Fitness Trainer Jam Acero on Consistency w/ Fitness 🔥🔥🔥

Being consistent on anything, Fitness or Self-Development - you WILL only see the REWARD and RESULTS 3 Months from now, from the efforts YOU put in from Month 1 and Month 2.

I Coach many guys in the Self-Development side of Dating & Relationships... some contact me wanting a QUICK fix to their problems, and want that 1 TIP that they feel will SOLVE all their problems that they are facing in their current short-term or long-term Relationship.

Unfortunately GROWTH happens over time with repetition and pushing beyond boundaries.TRUE results won't happen with the ON & OFF behavior ( "I will do it sometimes" ), which we all fall victim to at some point or another!

In relation to FITNESS, the Winter BLUES is coming in Australia and we will tend to run for shelter and hibernate in front of the t.v watching Netflix and then Chillin' ( Good form of Cardio ;)

and then eating ice cream like a Winter pig :D

... Accountability during this season will make the BIG difference with your consistency and RESULTS!

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