Episode 6 : The REAL Reason WHY you aren't getting Successful Dates

Whats-up fellas !

CHECK OUT Episode 6, on explaining the diagram of what MOST men are experiencing on a day to day basis. They swing within their COMFORT Zone and hope for RESULTS x x x

They are feeling frustration with barely minimal to no results and consistently doing the same things each week expecting a better and different result..

Well the honest TRUTH is, if you don't face the MAIN FEARS that hold you back from experiencing TRUE LOVE, SEX and DATES.. then it becomes wishful thinking..!

The purpose of having a Coach is to keep you Accountable, on Track with your Goals and push you further than your own self is willing to push.

And there is no 'ONE MAGIC TRICK or TIP' that's going to change the game for you, the process takes time and growth pain until you begin to start seeing successful dates happen!

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