Episode 8 : 3 Simple Fashion Tips !!!

We get asked about fashion tips all the time, so we felt we would start making videos for you guys on some simple Fashion Tips that will really make the BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

Tip #1 - If you are wearing Light Colored Jackets, it's always a GOOD idea to wear a dark colored T-shirt or underlay underneath to balance out the contract

Tip #2 - Always invest into Quality clothes VS buying cheap Quantity clothes. The Cheaper items usually go out of fashion and style really fast. They don't look good within months after being purchased and you most likely won't wear it more than a few months as well. They usually tend to rip and wear easily. When you invest in more QUALITY clothes, they will not only LOOK 10x more amazing, but they will last for many years and will always be perceived as NEW !!!

Tip #3 - Standout by Peacocking. NOW please don't go overboard and over do this! I see guys over do this all the time, by wearing ridiculous hats and jackets that don't even look good with their style and don't blend well.

Keep it simple, and do something a little to break up the colors of what you are wearing on the day.

Check out the FULL video to see everything in detail !

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