Episode 9 : The Biggest Attraction Killer

If you haven't yet [ DOWNLOADED ] Your FREE 10 page report on the 7 Deadly Attraction Killers that most men make, firstly I would stop what you are doing, Download this report as it will only take you 10 to 15 minutes to read through and FAST TRACK your knowledge for things to avoid.

In this video, Andrew J. Core Confidence Coaching's : Melbourne Relationship and Dating coach, explains what the Biggest Attraction Killer is that simply repels Women like crazy as they consistently put you through tests at the beginning of the relationship to see if you are a Man who will stand up for himself or if you are a weak boy that lives life in acceptance.

Deep down inside they value a guy much more, who values his own Decisions, Opinions and Beliefs.

After watching and learning from this video, ensure you train yourself to becoming more Self-Assured from now on. You will notice a shift and women will stop throwing tests at you as you will start winning her over.

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