Episode 2 : The 'FEAR of REJECTION'

Hey Squad !

Check out my latest VLOG on the 'Fear of Rejection.'

I want to reach out to all my Single friends out here who suffer through the daily

self-sabotage of having the 'Fear of Rejection'

We all have it, and we ALL must go through it at some point or another if we want to see SUCCESS. This exists when we are out with the boys on our Friday nights, or even just walking down the streets or local shopping centres of Melbourne and we see amazing women walking past us, hour after hour.. minute after minute

We FEAR the judgement of what SOCIETY will think of us, what if someone I know see's me approaching this HOT beautiful women and she say's 'NO' to me.. I will look like a fool.

what if she has a boyfriend..

what if she ignores me..

what if.. what if .. what if... ( the list will go on)...

THE BIGGEST what if, I want to ask you... is What if you approach her and she ends up dating you because she finds you attractive...?

Check out my latest Video to hear what I have to say about the 'Fear of Rejection.'

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