1 Powerful method that sharpens your FOCUS

I have experienced this more than 7 times already, and since doing so - I have increased my productivity and focus immensely. You are floating in a pod of water.. the water is set to body temperature, so you see, feel and hear nothing but your own thoughts and focus !

The water is filled with around 800 pounds of Epsom salt in the water, so you not only float, it's healing your body in many ways.. keep reading to find out what I am talking about and how it can help you ...

Are you currently experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, procrastination or not quite feeling like you are in the right mental space lately?

Or do you have sleeping issues and can't manage to sleep easy because you have to many thoughts going on in your mind that you need to escape ? We have on average 60,000 thoughts per day and 90% of them are in the past. What if you could switch that focus around and focus majority of your thoughts towards YOUR FUTURE and where you want to be. Imagine how effective that would be on your life, the positive impact it would make instantly within days ?

I am talking about the FLOTATION TANK experience. I have practiced meditation many times throughout my entrepreneurial years, however I have found the flotation tank experience to be much more of a deeper experience. It feels like an advanced experience of meditation.

So how can it help you ??

It helps reset your mindset, your attitude and your way of thinking. A lot of the times we have so many tasks to do in our jobs, business, and our lives that we over think everything, forget things and just procrastinate in the end and get very little to NOTHING done.

Health is your #1 asset and so you should invest into yourself a lot more than you are currently.

We are constantly bombarded with distractions and noises in our lives, that we don't give our own minds time to escape and think within a DISTRACTION-FREE Environment.

My first experience in the flotation tank, took about 30 to 40 minutes to let go of everything and get into a pure, relaxed, deep meditative state. My thoughts stopped running around in my head and I experienced an outer body experience ( yes I know, I sound crazy !!!)

I felt like I was in space, and started to visualize different colors, shapes and objects fly in front of me. Now just to point out, NO I have never used any drugs before but this felt like a very interesting experience as if I was on a natural drug.

Certain peoples faces and animals appeared inside the complete darkness of the pod, which frightened me at first, but I stayed complete calm and relaxed to remain in that meditative state I was in, and to try and understand what the meaning behind it all was. Not long long after, I fell deep asleep for the next 10 to 15 minutes, which felt like an hour.

Your MIND completely detaches from everything and your thoughts

and focus become clearer than ever

Some people ask me, will you drown in the flotation, the answer is NO. You have a light inside, that you can turn on and also a panic button if you really need to use it. Regardless the water will float you upright instantly no matter what your weight is.

After doing a flotation tank session for 1 hour, the dramatic differences I noticed are the as follows;

  • I stop focusing on things that are negative in my life, which are thoughts that are just taking up space in my head and eating away at my energy and time. Instead they should be replaced with better things to focusing on in life such as goals and future achievements.

  • More in control of my emotions, as the things I usually would easily become frustrated by, I am more calm with those situations and don't react so suddenly ( e.g Road Rage )

  • I feel lighter, more peaceful but MORE ENERGIZED !

  • My sleeping pattern returns back to normal as my life usually becomes busy and I have lots on my mind before sleeping

  • I take more action towards tasks and accomplishments in my life than procrastinating.

It is so crucial for us to give ourselves time during the day to also rest, and be at ease. We are always naturally on the go and eventually get burnt out through stress as well, so improving your productivity during your days, Meditation or a Flotation Experience will do the trick !

Once you have experienced this Flotation tank for yourself, you are most likely wondering what comes next? How can I utilize my time more effectively since my focus is sharper !?

I would highly suggest, adding daily self development into your life. 30 minutes per day of self development. If you are not use to reading books or listening to audios,

I could suggest something much easier as a first step, which is my E-book 7 Instant Success Hacks to creating more income. I mention all the mental shifts a person should make to become more productive in their life, to have more time, focus and energy to pour into a side business venture or to enhance your thinking when it comes to methods of creating more wealth.

It's a FREE download and only 17 pages delivering 7 years of breakthroughs.

I would love to hear of your feedback below, on how your flotation experience goes!

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