What is your GREATEST Self Development ?

Determining where you will be 5 years from now, is connected with 3 important factors.

1. The People you surround yourself with

2. The Environment and places you visit

3. The Books you read.

I was never a fan of reading books until I new that I wanted to make a dramatic shift in my life at age of 24 when I went into a downward spiral with work, friends and my relationship. I wanted to know how to overcome certain obstacles in life as didn't yet have the answer to, and began my search on self-development which lead me to starting up my own business at the age of 25 to now running an International Business in more than 7 countries.

So My question for you is, WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST SELF DEVELOPMENT, that has helped you to get you where you want to go and has landed you where you are currently at this moment in your life.

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