It's over! My girlfriend just dumped me..What do I do ?

I've had most of my clients come from a hard break-up and I can totally relate to them because I have experienced some devastating breakups myself in the past. A few where other guys were involved.... been cheated on and lied to. On a happier note, I have also experienced mutual break-ups where we just decided that we weren't the right fit for each other.

One client of mine had been seeing his woman for a few years and then she had broken it off with him, telling him that she needs to experience single life because he was her first true relationship and she feels suffocated and has had no "ME TIME" to explore life.

Weeks later, she gets with this other guy and gets into a new relationship.


You can imagine the pain and confusion that my client was feeling at the time. He was angry, heartbroken, but still wanted the her back ( which in most cases can be normal no matter the situation )

For almost 8 months, he will still in consistent contact with her daily and wanted to know her every whereabouts and still talking to her like he was in a relationship with her. The bad thing is, she was still dangling him on a thread because she was being selfish and greedy, but mostly wanting to still have options, incase it didn't work out with this new guy.

My Client reached out to me as he was depressed and confused, having no idea what direction to take as he wanted to repair the relationship. My advice to him was straight forward

  • The PAST Relationship has run its course and is over, so take what you can and learn from it so you can grow from it, and be ready to spot the declines in future relationships

  • Remove all contact from her because it's not serving you and your life, it's only distracting you on what you really need to focus on with your life right now. Keeping in contact will only give you a false sense of hope and bury you deeper into an emotional hole

  • If there is any chance towards getting her back in the future, you must walk away now REGARDLESS..., and focus on building yourself up, to being the next BEST version of yourself so that you can handle any types of similar set-backs easier in the future, and be more self-aware to see them coming so you can turn things around swiftly and avoid future break-ups.

  • Finally Turn your EXPECTATION into APPRECIATION and appreciate what you have gained from the relationship and simply be happy for her. Be Happy that she is happy and that she has moved on and she will respect you a lot more because you're MAN'ing up by walking away with self-respect than acting like a desperate dog that's begging for an ounce of attention from her right now, which she feels compelled to just walk all over.

I told my client straight up, if he really wants to be back with her, he needs to grow from this and walk away because if in the future, she decides to come back... He needs to be ready and if he still maintains the old unattractive traits that repelled her in the first place, she's going to leave him again for someone else a second or even third time.

After 3 weeks of Coaching this client through his tough times and holding him accountable and what he must improve upon within himself, the tables did turn and she reached out to him, seeing him in a new light as he was on his path to being the NEW HIM.

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