Who else wants to experience MASSIVE GROWTH ?!

During my business trip to Colombia in July 2016, my company experienced massive growth and momentum, and I saw leadership at its finest! Today our business has grown across 3 cities in Colombia, and forecasting further expansion into 2 more this year and neighboring countries from Colombia in 2018.

This momentum and growth wouldn't of happened if we had not gone through some massive challenges though and faced them back in July 2016...

Leadership is a crucial skill set in business, relationships and pretty much everything in life, even as parents we must lead by example. It is a skill set that isn't taught in school, but recognized in the real world as a top paying skill that is necessary to grow extremely successful organisations from going -good to GREAT !

The ability to lead others, an organisation of staff members or entrepreneurs, you must first have the ability to lead yourself as the LEADER.

Your relationships around you, your business and your income will only grow accordingly to your own growth. In life, challenges will appear when you are looking to move forward and upwards in life, however you MUST face those challenges and overcome them!

If you run away from those challenges, that are standing in your way of achievement and success, the only thing that will happen is... those same challenges will keep reappearing in your life disguised as different people or circumstances, until you to face them and overcome them. That is how you reach the next level in your life and experience massive growth.

Remember these challenges are NOT there to scare you or stop you, they are simply there to teach you a valuable lesson in order to help you grow and go to the next level of growth and success in your life !

This applies in everything, not just business and our relationships. It's our overall attitude towards life and how we see things..

"Your life is a clear reflection of your thoughts! If you change your thinking, you change your life." - Brian Tracy

Our brain is a muscle, so if we are feeding it rubbish information on a daily basis, we will begin to think like rubbish, therefore become rubbish. I know I am being quite direct here but it's important to know this and realize it...

However if you feed your brain and thoughts useful development strategies, new ideas and information, through self development events, audios and books, your brain and thoughts will start to develop new habits and replace the old way of thinking - which will further help equip you for those challenges you may be facing. It does take time to develop these new habits and way of thinking, it's not an overnight process. Developing the growth of our muscles takes time, especially our brain!

We all have habits, both good and bad. A lot of them originated from when we were growing up as kids, but unfortunately some of us have held onto certain habits all the way through to our adult life which can sometimes be the main cause that hold us back from personal achievements and massive growth in our lives today !

I had a very good Colombian friend who I had known for more than 8 years and I had put him in a leadership position in one of my projects back in 2013, to lead the growth of our business across South America. I have always known him to have an ambitious mindset and huge desires in life, which is why I decided to partner with him on one of my International projects and have him lead it with me.

At the same time though, I was also aware that he had many confrontations in life with many relationships and friendships, that consistently reappeared in his life on a regular basis and were never resolved. I felt coaching him and having him help run our project in Colombia would assist him in his growth and development while achieving great levels of success, however If people decide not to change themselves and grow internally, neither will their surroundings and environment.

In July 2016, when I visited Colombia for my 3rd time for a duration of 1 month, I connected with all of our team members who are involved in our project, and they expressed to me that the growth of our company was slowing down massively due to many disagreements with the leader of the organisation ( my friend of 8 years ).

Everyone was excited to have me back in Colombia, but wanted the situation resolved with the leadership of our project in Colombia. The moment I addressed these concerns with my friend (who I appointed as the leader of our project) he chose to not to speak about it, went into denial and then went silent and all of us for several weeks after that. Yes, we to thought it was a bit odd but we continued business as normal and moved forward.

During my 1 month stay in Colombia, I coached our company members - leadership development, success habits and gratitude. During the month of August, after I had already departed Colombia, my new core leaders had notified me of our companies previous leader, on how he had permanently moved to Mexico to setup his own business and left his life behind in Colombia, however experiencing the same prior problems with his new staff members and management. On a happier note, they also notified me of the successful growth our Colombian project was experiencing since they've developed leadership very seriously, and now our company growth has expanded into multiple towns and cities across the country and predicted to further grow 10 times more than originally planned.

The moral of this story is, 'If you want things to change for you in your life, you first must change yourself.' - Jim Rohn

No running away from problems will solve any issues in the end. The same issues will reoccur and resurface until they are faced and overcome.

If you would like to further develop success habits and leadership, you can check out one of my upcoming events HERE.

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