What happens when you surround yourself with Winners.

It's so crucial to have the right type of people around you if you are looking to move up in life, mentally and financially.

We have spoken about the effects of what may and most likely will happen if you surround yourself with the wrong people, but what if you spend your time mostly with winners?

What Impact could that make on your life ?

I met Matt Lansdown in September 2016, here in Melbourne as we are both learning and and improving our Spanish to increase our opportunities for later in life with travel, relationships and business. I found Matt to be a very positive, ambitious and determined person with a very strong posture to always win in life, no matter the task at hand.

He is a Scientist by day, and a Musician by night - as we like to say :)

And shared with me on how he has the determination to excel above and beyond in many aspects in life, with the goal of self improvement at the same time and to grow an online business to further create another source of income for himself.

As Matt and myself had many catch-ups, he mentioned to me on how he;

always surrounds himself with WINNERS, people who will only want to lift each other up in life, which has played a big part in where he is today as a person. When we spoke about patterning in a Business Venture together, Matt already had all these ideas of where we can go with our International project, who would also be on-board with this and had the 110% Conviction and Vision of where this will lead us both within the next 3 to 5 years. If there is one characteristic I've seen in Winners, they aren't scared to take risks, they take MASSIVE IMMEDIATE ACTION, and they what others fail to see ( VISION )

To sum things up, you can really excel yourself faster in life, with having the right people around you. You will think how they think, talk how they talk, and walk how they walk.

Matt Lansdown is one of many people out there, as a clear example of what can happen when you surround yourself with WINNERS.

'Birds of feather flock together.'

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