How he LOST 24kg in 12 weeks !!!

SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT is ACCOMPLISHED by having the right ATTITUDE, but more importantly taking MASSIVE ACTION !

Hi there my name is Matt Goss and I would like to share something with you about my weight loss and healthier lifestyle journey!

Many years ago I played high level of cricket and footy (Aussie rules), I was big, strong and super fit, I thought I could run though walls all day long! I thought I knew everything about getting fit and staying fit, I was wrong as I came to find out down the track!

About 10 years or more ago after I moved out of home I became lazy in how I looked after myself. I was still playing footy and cricket and keeping active until I had to have surgery on my knee where they took out 90% of my cartilage. So my activity levels crashed and so did my motivation!

I was eating like I was training but not training, then more bad foods crept into my diet until I got to a point where I was eating 2 family pizzas and a tub of ice cream a day for lunch, then feeling hungry and raiding my cupboards for more!! I blew out !!

For years I battled my weight where it climbed to 145.5kg.

Fast forward 10 years I was a shell of myself, until a friend who I hadn't seen for about 7 years messaged me on Facebook where we where watching the same motivational live stream! He simply said "hey man what's going on?"

Which I responded to him " I need to lose weight !"

This is where my journey starts, to a better life! I told Ricky that I'm sick of being overweight and not being able to things. Then things really started to hit home for me.

I want to be a dad and an active one at that! The way I was going I was digging my early grave. I don't want to have kids, just to have them watch their dad slowly die from having made bad choices in life.

I want to be a role model for them and get them to love life!!

So Ricky sat me down and explained about this 12 week program. I started 2 days later.

Not only did it change my thoughts but it started to change me for the better. The biggest thing was others were noticing the change!

People coming up to me saying " wow your so much happier !! "

I then knew I was on the right path. Every day got brighter and I was enjoying life again!! Playing cricket and enjoying something I love again!! My knee was still giving me grief so Ricky suggested some supplements that would help, going from every time I played I was in so much pain the next day, to playing and the next day being able to go for a walk!!

The first 5 days I lost 9kg which was a surprise ( a great one). Great start, then I followed the program for the next 12 weeks. I noticed a change in my body and then my attitude to life!! Every week I lost a little bit at a time, 2/3kgs but my mental focus was off the charts and I didn't want to let myself down, more importantly my family.

I want to be there for my family and now I was definitely on the right track!! Gone, are all the excuses, the bad habits and all the other distractions!!

So it came to the end of the program, I stepped on the scales, I had lost 24kgs in 12 weeks !!!

However just because this 12 weeks were up, this is not the end for me to be healthier as it's just the start. The program showed me the way and brightened up my life!!

Thank you for reading this I hope you get something out of it and it helps you!!



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