What does Monkeys have to do with our personal SUCCESS !?!?!

An experiment was conducted by Scientist on a group of monkeys to see how they would react in this given situation. *** WATCH VIDEO ABOVE ***

How does this relate to our success as people you may ask?

In real life situations, although we won't necessarily be beaten up by our peers or work mates. Our friends, and the people around us who care about us the most - they will verbally attempt to bring you down to their level, or prevent you from moving forward in life.

They do this for 2 reasons #1 They have a genuine care about not seeing you go through risks, and fail


#2 They envy you for chasing after your own dreams, because someone else had crushed theirs and they no understanding why that happened, so they had decided to give up on their own dreams and crush others

( Monkey Experiment )

In life, we have to determine which of the 2, your family member or friend are, when it comes to that point in time where they will doubt you and try to hold you back from your achievements and success. Regardless just move forward, love them for who they are and the true caring ones will come back eventually when they see your success to support you.

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I wish you all the best on your journey to success, and always remember

Behind every successful person, there is a line of doubter!

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