Interviews with Top earning Entrepreneurs pt.2/3

During my recent travels to America for my Business Convention, I had the privileged of meeting all my business partners from several countries around the world within a 4 day period. Hearing of their successes and learning about their various methods of growing their International businesses as well as their mindset behind what they do and how they do it. Business isn't all about income and money, it's about growth, having more time to do what we love and desire and seeing the places that we have always dreamed of seeing. In this 3 part video series, you'll hear from some of my friends from around the world whom I coach and work along side with, earning a part-time to 6-figure income utilising our business online and our specific training system.

They will be sharing with you about their break-throughs and insights from our 4 day event in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is Video #2 of 3.

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