The Crab Mentality

If you have a bucket filled with live crabs, even if the bucket is almost full. No crabs will get out !

What a mystery ?

Why is that..... ?

Interesting mindset these crabs have!

If one crab makes an attempt to escape the bucket, the other crabs will pull it back down.

If this crab who is trying to escape, persists.. The other crabs will become more violent and hurt the crab, even to the point where it will cut the legs off and kill it.

The Crab Mentality is this - If we can't get out, no one CAN !

With human behavior we have these types of people in society who have this mindset as well. Now they won't go to the extent of pulling off our legs or killing us, but they will mentally and verbally make attempts to bring us back down and not see us succeed.

When others try to pull you down, it means one thing, you are above them

The Crab Mentality from the Crab's perspective - is seeing others ascend and going places in life, but the rest of us are struggling, so you should struggle to!

"Just remember, behind every great success person lies a pack of haters."


They will always talk, so give them something good to talk about :)

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