TOP 3 Reasons WHY Women in Melbourne have flings whilst in Relationships

So I am going out on a limb here and being brutally honest. Having met and known so many women across Melbourne, I hear the common phrase

"I don't know what I have done, or what to do... I've hooked up with someone else behind my boyfriend's / or husbands back."

You may be shocked to hear this, whether you are a male or female reading this blog, but here is the truth. I hear this time and time again mostly from women who are either originally from overseas and here currently living here or temporarily here from overseas as a traveler (MOSTLY).

Understanding all the situation's I have come across over the years, it still shocks me to hear and see this happen more so than guys being unfaithful, so here are the TOP 3 Reasons WHY ;

1. Melbourne is such a diverse city that attracts many travelers from around the world, so when a Women comes from another country ( for example : Asia ) they are so use to seeing and meeting Men of their own nationality and culture. They come to Melbourne for 1 year or more and tell all their friends how much they love their boyfriend or husband back at home and that they talk to everyday, but understanding this... the reality is, the temptation is there.. EVERYWHERE they go whilst here in Melbourne.

It's basically like this, you have been conditioned to eating rice and chicken your entire life until now, and someone has introduced you to a ALL YOU CAN EAT, Buffet. You now have the options of Seafood Salad, Japanese Sushimi, Italian pizza and pasta, an Aussie Chicken Parma and much much more... The smell lingers on you and around you that it builds up a craving inside, tempting you to try a different flavor food. You know 'you shouldn't' BUT... you still have a snack or 2 regardless and feel a little bit of guilt, hoping that no one will know you snuck in those cheeky little snacks late at night.

2. The Aussie, Melbourne Culture and community. Unlike other countries where the culture is strict and you will be frowned upon by family and your community if you step out of line or do something very bad, the word will get out and spread across your community like wild fire.

Again, Melbourne's population and diversity is so big and laid back with the culture, that a Women in Melbourne feels they can get away with their side flings and not have it surface up to any of their own connections, family or friends. So in regards to the culture, MOST people are laid back here, which makes the Women feel laid back to and can freely do what they want, with whom they want, whenever they want, without any consequences or gossip getting back to their relatives / parents. Even if the word got out here in Melbourne, the woman can just get up and go back to their country as if nothing ever happened.

3. Now, not everything is the Women's fault. The amount of problems that I have heard of where the Women has flings behind their partners back is usually from this situation.

"We don't talk the way we use to anymore, the romance and spark is somewhat dead and we are in the same routine everyday, every week."

MEN!!! Wake UP!!! You have basically become to predictable and complacent that you feel that you NOW, have the label or 'boyfriend & girlfriend' or 'husband and wife' that the effort put towards in the relationship is at an all time low and the relationship has stopped growing.

Just like anything in life that's living, like a plant - If it's NOT growing, it's dying.

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